TechEd 2007 Orlando, Florida

Long bus rides. From the Hilton, the bus stopped at each hotel which made my bus ride 45-50 mins in both directions. Wednesday was the longest, 75 mins. Basically, FILO – first in last out. It sucked.

Everything Linq is great, .NetTiers or ORM may not be needed in the future. Anonymous collections are awesome.

Linq is not a replacement for your data layer/tier. You would use it throughout your data and/or business layer where you need to access or filter collections.

Only use sql stored procedures when performance is a factor. Just use parameterized sql statements now or linq when it’s ready.

I’m going to make more of an effort to make unit tests prior to writing business or data logic. And look into adding the MVP design pattern so the UI can be tested better.

System Center looks like a great sys admin tool for IIS 7 and Server 2008.

Get VS2008 beta 1 and start developing with it. Beta 2 will be out in 2 months. Javascript and Css support has been greatly improved. Lots of great debugging features for both.



Get the TechEd 2007 DVD for all of the slide decks…