The Thesis Theme

After looking around for a clean and simple theme for my blog I settled on using Thesis. The first time I heard about it was on some blogger site (although I don’t remember which one). After it was installed and I started playing around with I was even more impressed with what I saw. It did take some time to get the look I was after and to understand how the settings affected the overall look of the site. I recommend that you watch the tutorials first before you commit to this theme. The best feature is the semi-future proofing code that you can add to move sections of the site around and you don’t have worry as much about how the next release will affect the site. With the last blog engine (GraffitiCMS), I simply had too many hacks in place to make it do what I wanted and the lack of support from Telligent made the decision to move easier as well.

Go ahead and give Thesis a try.

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