GTD and Inbox Zero

Today I was looking for a task list/manager for my iPhone and ran across This web 2.0 app is cool and fast. It’s like Remember the Milk (they charge for the iPhone version) or some of the other to-do lists sites out there. VitaList is free for the basic to-do lists, but they charge for the advanced features. This is a Dallas based company by the way is kind of neat – good applications can begin in Texas.

So I was reading about their software and found out it based on GTD. That turned out to be Getter Things Done which is a book by David Allen.

GTD® is the popular shorthand for "Getting Things Done®", the groundbreaking work-life management system and book by David Allen that transforms personal overwhelm and overload into an integrated system of stress-free productivity.

After looking at Amazon and other bookstore to buy the book, I ran across the Inbox Zero presentation with Merlin Mann of From the Google campus, he talked about some simple techniques to stay ahead of your inbox and possible email overload. I don’t get that many emails a day, but any time I can save helps in the whole life hacking mindset.