My Review of Vitalist

After using Vitalist and some techniques from David Allen’s GTD book for 20 days, I’m happy to say, “I’m Getting Things Done”. Maybe not as fast as I would have liked or maybe not in the order everyone else wants me to. But, oh well, what can I say. These things are like anything in life – it’s all based on what you put into something that determines what you can get out of it.

I found a couple of other reviews by Oyvind Solstad and David Mackay about Vitalist just to see what others thought about this site.

The interface is clean and well organized. All of the pages are driven with client-side ajax to speed up the display of the pages.

Here’s a couple of things that are annoying:

  1. On the iPhone, all of the lists need a complete button so marking things complete don’t require several steps (clicking the item, scrolling to the bottom, clicking the complete checkbox, and then clicking on the save button).
  2. When adding a new action with a date, the new item should be sorted accord to the last sort operation. So in other words, if you have the lists sorted by date and you add something in the future, it should show up at the bottom of the list – not at the top.

On a positive note, here are some of the things I really like:

  1. Reminders – they re-create a new action for you based on the reminder interval. Just complete the current one and other one will be there shortly. For example, you could have something you want to do every Friday (review your lists) and every Friday the system creates a new action based on your last one.
  2. Double click for a quick basic edit – if you wanted to change the date.
  3. Control-click to edit multiple actions (I would like the ability to change several due dates at once with this).
  4. Grouping by Context and Filtering by Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, Later.
  5. Publish your list as a calendar and have it show up on your Google calendar.
  6. Send actions from email. This is great for your family or friends to use.

See my other post for information on David Allen and GTD.

Go ahead and give it a try.