Spring Storms

Every spring we get some crazy weather here in North Texas. Large thunderstorms with hail, tornadoes, and flooding are common and part of living here. During the storm, our large tree in the front yard lost one of its limbs and now has to be cut down. These Bradford Pear trees only last about 15 to 20 years and the builders love them since there are easy to grow and look good. There are hundreds of these in the city and every year the storms take out several of them. They are a soft wood tree and their branches can’t support the weight of all the leaves. Add some wind and you have a deformed tree.

My usual commute of 4.5 miles normally takes about 10 minutes and is great. It’s one of the reasons I like where I work. But today my commute took about 40 minutes. With last night’s storm, the high winds took out some power lines in Irving and some of the roads were closed. I felt like a mouse in the maze – go down one street closed – turn around – go down again street – turn around.

This picture shows a broken power pole at Beltline Road and Royal.


For more info on the storm, go to www.dallasnews.com